Hello world!

It’s been over a decade but iphase.dk once again has an active site running on it!

The WP blog is online, and I am going to be sharing what little knowledge I have time to offer to the all-knowing internet, from whom I have leached some of my wizard powers over the past decades…

The blog will have its main focus on PowerShell solutions for sysadmins, and I hope to include some how-to’s along the way!

About the site name

I titled the site based on my old IRC nickname, so don’t go around thinking that I am ripping off this whole “iWhatever” naming convention. This nick has been with me since before 1995, man.
It was actually interphase to begin with, but more than 8 chars back in those days got you into a lot of trouble with almost anything besides a word processor, so it quickly became “iphase” or even just “ip” just so I wouldn’t run into trouble with it in any program or arcade machine.

If the tagline is unfamiliar to you, then you need to watch more sci-fi!
(I thought it was fitting for my site as it’s all about bossing around troublesome computers)

1970's Cylon – By Your Command