…The site and the guy behind it.

Michael Mardahl

Microsoft Systems Consultant & Business Owner

Past and future

I have worked with IT infrastructure my entire career, and “played” with the right toys ever since I was 8.
So as I grew up with tech, (not just playing games) it seemed only natural to educate myself in this direction. The rest is on linkedin

I must admit that I tend to follow the path laid out by Microsoft, but I don’t shy away from other gospels, or pretend that it’s the only way…
I just prefer it. 🙂

I write this blog for the sake of sharing and keeping track of just some of the solutions I come up with (or find and adapt).
<Disclaimer> It’s by no means meant to be a specific solution to your or other people’s problems.

Also, writing code/guides for sharing, tends to make me better at it, so I hope that in the future you will be able to see how my posts evolve in clarity and usability.

Thank you for reading 🙂