About me

Who is this guy?

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Welcome to my humble blog!

My name is Michael, and am a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE), Cloud Enabler, IT Generalist & Business Owner.

I have worked with IT infrastructure my entire career, and “played” with the right toys ever since I was 8.

So as I grew up with tech, (not just playing games) it seemed only natural to educate myself in this direction. The rest is on linked-in

I write this blog for the sake of sharing and keeping track of just some of the solutions I come up with (or find and adapt).

I must admit that I tend to follow the path laid out by Microsoft, but I don’t shy away from other gospels, or pretend that it’s the only way
I just prefer it. ^_^

Also, writing code/guides for sharing, tends to make me better at it.

My hope is that in the future, you will be able to see how my posts evolve in clarity and usability.

!Disclaimer! It’s by no means meant to be a specific solution to your’s or other people’s specific problems. Always “adapt” responsibly!

Thank you for reading!

Please consider donating to my blog, as I spend many hours on the content - which I share freely - so you can save on consultancy fees ^_^