My name is Michael. Awesome that you dropped by my About page!
I hope you read some of my stuff and make use of it.

The guy

Oh yeah, this is an about’ish page? Right … Well, besides being a family man – the more relevant parts would be, that I am a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE Cloud Platform yadayada…), Cloud Consultant / Architect, IT Generalist & Entrepreneur of sorts.

I have worked with IT infrastructure, and other things with an on/off switch, my entire career. And I managed to play with the “right toys” since the age of 8 (I think).

The origin

So as I grew up with tech (not just playing games), it seemed only natural for me, to educate myself in this direction. And pursue challenges that would enhance my skill set (… and learn about stress, overtime, outages, user rage, ritualistic punishment aaaand the value of personal time!).

Around the glory years of Plug and Pray (1997/1998) I actually started getting a steady income, telling people how to turn off the computer, and turn it on again….

The sweat

I won’t bore you with all my war stories, but I did once manage to save an entire company from a 100% data loss, by kicking a storage array (hard), with my boot.

The rest is on linked-in

The reason

This BLOG is written purely for the sake of sharing and keeping track of just some of the solutions I come up with (or find and adapt).

Also, writing code or guides for sharing, tends to make me better at it (win/win) and I quite enjoy it.

My hope for this BLOG is, that in the future, you will be able to see how my posts evolve in clarity and usability.

And find one of my articles useful in your daily struggles.

To be honest, I tend to follow the path laid out by Microsoft, but I don’t shy away from other gospels, or pretend that it’s the only way
I just prefer it.

The disclaimer

!Disclaimer! the solutions in this blog, is by no means meant to be a specific solution to your’s or other people’s specific problems. Always “adapt” responsibly!

Thank you for reading – Now go read some of my BLOG posts! 😀

The donation

I spend many hours on the content which I share freely, saving you money on consultancy fees ^_^

Please consider donating a few bucks (use your company card, I will send you an invoice if you like)